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2020-04-14 10:32:43

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the overall art design and creative work of the company, the main content includes the official website (page layout, color matching, content design), the company's brand image, the company's daily promotional materials (including exhibitions, holiday invitations, etc.)
2. Responsible for product design positioning, setting the overall visual style and precipitating design specifications;
3. Responsible for completing the visual design of the product, including the graphical interface design of the interface and icons, assisting in product prototype production, interactive design, cutting, etc., and visually accepting the final R&D presentation effect;
4. Participate in the design of the terminal products, brands and operations of the platform, promote the implementation and implementation of the plan, and make advertisement poster pictures;
5. Participate in product analysis, creativity, and make suggestions.

Work requirements:
1. Solid art skills, with meticulous design capabilities for the overall style, visual flow and operation flow of the product;
2. Work experience of more than 2 years, have their own mature works, and the works must have real products already online;
3. Proficient in PS, AI software, can complete the entire UI design independently, and do a good job in output specifications. It is better to have a certain hand-painting ability;
4. Attitude is better, can meet the project requirements, complete the design work.

2020-04-14 10:32:43
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