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The Application of Ultracapacitor in the Solar Power Generation

The Application of Ultracapacitor in the Solar Power Generation

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-31
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The Application of Ultracapacitor in the Solar Power Generation

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Industry News
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  • Time of issue:2022-12-31
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The sun is a significant energy source for the planet, and its power is harnessed to generate solar energy. However, fluctuations in the intensity of solar power severely affect the lifespan of batteries. This problem can be countered using a combination of a battery and an ultracapacitor.

Let's understand everything about solar power and ultracapacitors in detail.

Solar Power & Supercapacitors 

Electricity through solar power is made using photovoltaic cells or solar panels. This process is based on the photoelectric effect. When photons from sunlight hit the photovoltaics sitting between semiconductors such as silicone, these layers are excited to produce an electric field, ultimately creating the current we use as electricity.

Direct Current (DC) is passed through an inverter, which then will convert into Alternating Current (AC) and sent to the grid, or it's used directly by homes and businesses. Batteries store electricity that can be used later when the sun is out.

Usually, a hybrid system, including both batteries and ultracapacitors, works the best, as the latter protects the batteries from sustaining damage from inconsistencies and fluctuations in solar power.

  1. Drawbacks of Traditiona Batteries & How Supercapacitors Can Help 

One major problem of energy storage devices or batteries in solar power systems is that the sun is only sometimes consistently shining, so its power is also inconsistent. These inconsistencies damage the life of batteries as they interrupt their natural charging and discharging cycle. 

Batteries have high energy density but low power density. Sometimes the system demands a sudden surge of power from batteries, severely impacting their performance and lifespan. As it discharges the battery unnaturally, batteries lose their charging capacity quickly and need replacement much sooner.

A great solution to this problem is to use a Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS), which combines an ultracapacitor with a battery to minimize the uncertainty. There are many benefits that supercapacitors bring, such as:

  1. Higher Capacity 

Supercapacitors have a very high capacity, up to the Faraday level, and can improve complex circuit operations significantly.

  1. Low leakage current

Traditionally, ultracapacitors' leakage current rates are between 1-50μA, which can compensate for the already-low microamps in the solar cells. Research has shown that once the ultracapacitor is held at the voltage for several days, the leakage current of the solar cell will be decelerated to prolong the working time. 

  1. Circuits 

Ultracapacitors have less circuitry and do not require unique charging and discharging control circuits. It means they are not affected by charging or discharging, no matter how often.

  1. Welding 

Conventional capacitors cannot be soldered, but that's not the case with supercapacitors. They can be soldered perfectly, eliminating the chances of poor battery contact and improving the performance of capacitor components.

  1. Environmental Protection 

Ultracapacitors are much less damaging to the environment than conventional capacitors, making them a green and environmentally friendly option in the energy sector. 


Prominent Features of Beryl's Supercapacitors 

You need a world-class supercapacitor manufacturer like Beryl to grab the best deals. We provide high-quality and reliable capacitors with different dimensions and capacitance ranges.

  1. Improve the power quality by acting as buffers
  2. Capacities range from 0.1F to 1000F
  3. Fast charging speeds as they reach 95% of their capacity between 10 seconds to 10 minutes
  4. Have unlimited life cycles
  5. Have a high power density that provides sufficient energy in a short time period
  6. Charge quickly and with low equivalent series resistance
  7. A wide temperature range between -40°C and +70°C



As developing clean energy becomes an urgent need amid so many calls for achieving the seemingly costly carbon goals, the development of ultracapacitors is the remedy for the existing technical difficulty in solar cells. 

To assist the development, Beryl has been working on developing its technologies to manufacture more reliable products for industries to develop. Now for more information about Beryl capacitors, you can visit our website. 

And for more fun facts about ultracapacitors, you can read the following passages:


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