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Step by Step: Beryl Capacitor Is Hitting Another Milestone

Step by Step: Beryl Capacitor Is Hitting Another Milestone

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  • Time of issue:2022-08-23
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(Summary description)

Step by Step: Beryl Capacitor Is Hitting Another Milestone

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Industry News
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  • Time of issue:2022-08-23
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Starting from June 29th to July 1st, the 44th China Industry Technical Seminar&Exhibition Council on Electrical Instrumentation 2022 is held in Dujiangyan, Chengdu City, Si Chuan Province. The council is a platform for strategic development for the electrical instrument industry, providing companies with access to the evolving market demands. Besides, it showcases the advancing technologies and is meant to connect all links in this industry.

As a surging capacitor manufacturer, Beryl is invited to the council, representing that we are hitting another milestone. Beryl capacitors are also presented in the Exhibition, being recognized by experts in this industry. Keep reading; the article will offer you comprehensive information about this industry.

Beryl's Contribution to the Council

Beryl has its exhibition hall at A25 – A26, which presents the latest critical technologies in supercapacitors for smart meters. 

.What is Shown in the Exhibition

The ultracapacitors we show in the Exhibition are for prolonging the lifespan of the intelligent instrument. The exhibited Beryl capacitors include: 

.BCS Standard Series: with consistent performance 

.BCV High Voltage Series: with high voltage resistance 

.BMW Small Module Series: with high power and energy density, maintenance-free, module customized to meet different requirements.

.BMT High-Temperature Module Series: high-temperature resistance

All the high-capacitance capacitors enjoy low leakage current and longer lifespan, which are a better alternative to traditional batteries in smart instruments.

.Why it Becomes Beryl's Research Orientation

The traditional power supplier in smart meters is lithium batteries, but they are facing challenges put by the smart meters industry:

  1. Traditional batteries have lower resistance to consistently increasing alternating or fitful voltage surges.
  2. Traditional batteries are hard to deal with harsh environments like freezing or boiling weather and high humidity.
  3. Traditional batteries have a shorter lifespan than supercapacitors, which may impact data transmission when power is off.
  4. Traditional batteries cannot withstand the growing power consumption of smart meters, considering their growing intelligence and wider application.
  5. Smart meters have a higher requirement for the power supplier. For example, no data distortion and electrical fault are allowed. If they happen, warning signals can be sent to the companies in charge for rapid maintenance and updating.

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Therefore, either enhancing the performance of the batteries or finding alternatives, the smart meters' power supply should be developed to cater to the more complicated requirements.

Notifying the demands in this industry, we chose to enhance Beryl capacitors' performance to adapt to the market. Satisfactory results are yielded. Currently, high-capacitance capacitors are regarded as great partners with smart meters.


Batteries VS Ultracapacitors: Why the Latter is Better

The application of high-capacitance capacitors, namely supercapacitors, is a popular choice for smart meters' power supply for the following reasons:

.Curtail the pulse of current

Pulse of current is the major culprit of the damage to the batteries. The application of Beryl capacitors in smart meters can reduce the pulse, prolonging the lifespan of the supercapacitors.


.Better capability in dealing with harsh environments

Smart meters enjoy a wide range of applications, meaning they should have high endurance for harsh environments. Beryl capacitor can maintain high performance in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 70℃


.Higher reliability

Beryl capacitors can ensure continuous access to information and performance when something happens to the power, making the power source more reliable.


.Facilitate RTC backup

The high-capacitance capacitors can replace batteries for RTC backup. Besides, it can help batteries to support pulse circuit operation and allow for performance that will consume large power like GPRS and ISM.



The invitation to the principal council represents that we are on the stage, enjoying much expectation. But the story never ends. Beryl capacitors have been committed to becoming the main boosters for various industries. Our investment in R&D development shows that we are a products-oriented company, which is why we are able to generate great potential among numerous high-tech enterprises. 

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